Shades of Green

20141006_121336 IMG_20141006_103034
IMG_20141006_102502 IMG_20141006_102519 IMG_20141006_102553 IMG_20141006_103028



If you are like us, you would think a 100 times before clicking one pic in a public place. We just feel awkward even taking pictures at home which is precisely why most of my shots are taken at home.  Taking pictures outside would involve alot of peeping and sneaking around (If anyone were to see us at it, they would think we were spying on someone.. But then again.. That’s exactly what we are doing.. Spying on everyone around .) So why you find yourself in an empty elevator, you scramble for your phone so you could get a shot before someone else steps in.. which is precisely what i am doing in the picture below. And before you ask… That hair did not come undone, it was intentional.. I promise!!!20141006_121332


One thought on “Shades of Green

  1. You are so PRETTY ! Loved the hair , the chain , the top , the belt, the skirt , bag and shoes!! It’s Perfect ! Oh i missed the lipshade and ring 😉 U shud seriously start your own line of clothes and accessories

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