Night & Day

20141005_121803 IMG_20141005_121641 IMG_20141005_121418 IMG_20141005_121118 IMG_20141005_121835 IMG_20141005_102631 IMG_20141005_102727 IMG_20141005_102703 IMG_20141005_102425 IMG_20141005_102654 IMG_20141005_102410 IMG_20141005_102724 IMG_20141005_102635

We were on a movie date and i finally got around to clicking some pics of us after a really long time. We were on a date and i had curled my hair!! (Ya i was a lil less lazy this time) So it sure needed documenting.. So here we are!

I have been trying my hand at curling my hair and you can see the result in the pics i hope. Well, my hair curling involved some burns on my forehead and hands. Somebody forgot to inform me that the forehead is not part of my hair and does not need curling. Ya well, that is me!! To make things worse, i scratched the burn on my forehead so much that i have a plausible hole in my head. Ya, really!! I can almost see my brain(if there is any that is) through it.


One thought on “Night & Day

  1. This shade of Lipstick suits u really well ! Cute dress. Reminds me of those college days where we used to wear black and get into trouble ! Finally i see Martin happy while posing . Else it always looked like you force him to stand to get some pics šŸ˜‰

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