The Past Three Weeks:

The past few weeks went by in a jiffy! I blinked and it was gone. Since Thanky landed here, our weekends went like this. Wake up early in the morning. If u can barely get ur eyes open, pull it open with clamps. Reach malls before even the shop keepers do. Eat, walk,shop,eat some more, walk more,shop all the more. Get back home late at night and crash. I never thought i would be saying this ever in my life. But all of us were so sick of shopping that we could bear to look at any more clothes at the end of 3 weeks.(Its true even if no one believes us.. ).So you can just about guess how grueling it was.

IMG_20140805_190028 IMG_20140803_134146 IMG_20140731_202826 IMG_20140803_131323 IMG_20140731_202814 IMG_20140727_184219 IMG_20140727_184144 IMG_20140727_184135 IMG_20140727_132957 IMG_20140727_132932 IMG_20140727_132918 IMG_20140727_130751 IMG_20140727_130116 IMG_20140727_130050 IMG_20140726_210901 IMG_20140726_133003 IMG_20140726_132957 IMG_20140726_101138 IMG_20140726_101116



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